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Microsoft solitaire wes cherry

12 Apr - 3 min - Uploaded by Great Big Story In , Wes Cherry was an intern at Microsoft when he created a game that would change the. Solitaire is a computer game included with Microsoft Windows, based on a card game of the The game was developed in by the intern Wes Cherry. Microsoft Solitaire Wes Cherry Microsoftie turned apple cider man Wes Cherry Dragon's Head Cider One of the most popular computer games.

Yes, Microsoft's Solitaire program was built by an intern named Wes Cherry. It was in the summer of he ported the tabletop game to. The game "Solitaire" which was installed in the Microsoft Windows series and An interview that Mr. Wes Cherry himself appeared has been. Yes he should. Wes Cherry should receive royalties for creating Solitaire. He created it so he deserves to be paid for his creation that Microsoft is using. Even if .

Great Big Story has an interview with Wes Cherry, who was an intern at Microsoft in He describes the experience as “all-encompassing,”. Wes Cherry is a name you're probably not familiar with, but you're definitely familiar with the addicting game he gifted to the world: Solitaire for. It turns out Wes Cherry was an intern at Microsoft in when he developed the game in the spare hours he had on the job, largely because. Story behind the Solitaire games. Why Wes Cherry could not make any money and how ended up selling the stocks of Microsoft when he.