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Beneath a steel sky ware

Beneath a Steel Sky is a cyberpunk science-fiction point-and-click adventure game After the "Euro-American War", all participants agreed upon a set of ideals described as the "neo democratic principles" which remove all labour. While being a perfectly linear and predictable game, Beneath a Steel Sky is really all about the story - and it's a very deep story with an unexpected end. The Daedalus Encounter. In the icy center of a war torn galaxy, a single scavenger craft hurls toward an alien sun. Snagged in the wreckage o.

Beneath a Steel Sky uses a variant of Revolution's virtual theatre engine. The game takes place in the future, after the world is damaged from. Beneath a Steel Sky is a British Point-and-Click video game created by Revolution Software. The game was released for PC DOS and Amiga platforms in Beneath a Steel Sky CD stores saved games and configuration information to your hard agreed on cessation of hostilities of the Great Euro-American war.

Beneath a Steel Sky FAQ/Walkthrough is printed on the key found in the pipefactory's storeroom is an anagram for: War Klub or Bulkwar.