Kerkythea material pack download

Kerkythea material pack

Of course the obvious first stop: The Material Repository Alex's Fantastic Material Packs (Plastics, Translucents, and Metals). Material Libraries. Antique Mirrors · Basic Glasses · Basic Plastics · Ceramic Tiles · Bricks - Jag · Illuminants · Metals and Car Paints · Metals_Ashikhmin_MLT. I followed the directions from the Twilight Render Manuel: 1. Change the name of the file from “” to be “”. 2.

Probably I'm posting in the wrong subforum, but it's al about the materials I can download at the download section of KerkyThea's own website. The Kerkythea Forum can be found here if you have any questions about the program. majid- Here is a small material template pack for inspiration. “Thanks . Kerythea Material download from here: (original link) Carbon Fibre mats · Alex's Fantastic Material Packs (Plastics, Translucents, and Metals).

This week I was playing with Kerkythea material trying to find glass material which I couldn't find among those ones in the Glass material pack.