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Son of Kong, The

Son of Kong is a American Pre-Code adventure monster film produced by RKO Pictures. Directed by Ernest Schoedsack and featuring special effects by. Directed by Ernest B. Schoedsack. With Robert Armstrong, Helen Mack, Frank Reicher, John Marston. The men who captured the giant ape King Kong return to . The Son of Kong () is an adventure movie and a sequel to the film King Kong. It was rushed into the production shortly after King Kong was released, and it. Son of Kong: Robert Armstrong, Helen Mack, Frank Reicher, John Marston, Victor Wong, Ed Brady, Cy Clegg, Steve Clemente, Harry Cornbleth. The showman who brought Kong to New York returns to Skull Island and finds Kong's son, a spunky footer with a winning personality and his dad's awesome. When rush job restrictions are taken into account with “Son of Kong,” it's easier to forgive the departure in tone and dip in quality as necessary.