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The fourth world documentary

A billion people live in the Fourth World, a place of indescribable poverty, and unlimited potential. Visit these slums in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Good documentaries Filmed on five continents, 'The Fourth World' takes viewers deep inside this hidden world, a world 'The Fourth World' may just change your perspective on slum life, and the chronically poor of the Developing World. The Fourth World is a “Discovery Channel” style documentary that takes you into three different slums from around the world: one in Nairobi. The Fourth World: Mark Volkers, Hani Yang: Movies & TV. This documentary is an in depth look at the global problem of slums and brings it. Shot on five continents, this eye-opening film takes viewers deep inside a hidden world, at once both tragic and inspiring. Documentary award. CFDb Review! Very interesting documentary. It's informative and we really loved the one little boy that was featured showing what hardships he endured yet if he.

There's a hidden world out there that is getting ready to explode: the world of This powerful, eye-opening documentary takes us across three. The Fourth World” is a documentary about slums around the world. What are the human stories behind these images of the Fourth World? Traveling to Nairobi, Guatemala City, and Manila, this documentary brings viewers inside.