Play framework eclipse plugin download

Play framework eclipse plugin

Integration with Eclipse requires sbteclipse. Make sure to always use the most recent available version in your project/ file or follow sbteclipse docs to . Additionally, an Eclipse plugin is available in your Play distribution, in the support /eclipse/ directory. Play provides a command to simplify Eclipse configuration. IDEA issue regarding building Java based Play2 apps while having the Scala plugin installed.

When you work in a team, each developer must keep his Eclipse Additionally, Play comes with an Eclipse plug-in that provides editors. There is no Play 2 plugin for Eclipse at the time I'm writing these lines. However, there is an eclipsify sbt command, provided by the Play 2 sbt. For Eclipse project to be Scala project it has to be Java project first. M2Eclipse ( Eclipse plugin for Maven integration) analyzes Maven project.

The Scala IDE Play2 plug-in provides first-class files in Eclipse, for both Java and Scala projects. Play Framework - Build Modern & Scalable Web Apps with Java and Scala Add the SBT Eclipse plugin details to the file, which is. Play Framework – click here to follow to tutorial. First you need to install the sbteclipse plugin to enable the command sbt eclipse.