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Discussion of topic Possible to find ActiveReports3 development package in ActiveReports v forum. Class, Description. ActiveReport3, The ActiveReport3 class is the base class for all reports. It is used to execute and render the report. ActiveReport3. Discussion of topic Upgrading From ActiveReports 3 in ActiveReports v7+ forum. is a module belonging to ActiveReports from Data Dynamics. The Telerik converter from ActiveReports is built against ActiveReports 3 (build ). If you're using a newer version of ActiveReports. You can cast projectspeak2tweet.coml to DataGridView to access the object programmatically from the format event of the control containing the.

Type initializer exception in projectspeak2tweet.comReports3. 23 replies. Last post: January 31, AM by Handy Surya. Tags: (None). ActiveReports3, Request technical support. projectspeak2tweet.comReports. DataSources Namespace. See Also Inheritance Hierarchy. ActiveReports3, Request technical support. ReportInfo Class. See Also Members Example. Collapse All Expand All Language Filter: All Language Filter. ActiveReports3, Request technical support. HyperLink Property. See Also Example. Collapse All Expand All Language Filter: All Language Filter: Multiple.