Clay soldiers mod map download

Clay soldiers mod map

This is a rather different experience of watching clay soldiers battle underwater. This is a large map and I may add details to the cage floor in. This map Consists of 10 unique Battle arena maps! It was first designed around the clay soldiers V2 mod, but was then added with a BIG fort arena to support the . Hello again Planet Minecrafters I got another map for y'all! This time its just a little map I made a while ago when I was playin around with the Clay Soldiers Mod (Which you can find here) Its not super big but it does have 3 decent sized fighting arenas.

Clay Soldiers Mod Required!, Additional optional mods used in this world map which i highly recommend getting are: Minecraft Comes Alive Mod, and The Wars . Does everyone know the adorable clay soldiers that fight each other to see who wins. No,its just me. Anyways I am gonna release this map.