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Wifey material

A phrase often used to describe a girl whom you feel possesses certain qualities that qualifies her to be a model wife for you. 1) Kind 2) Sweet 3) Caring 4). Look for these qualities to know if she’s wifey material. There are some women who are dating material, and others who are wifey material. If your girl possess these personality traits, it might be time to put a ring on it and seal the deal, because she is definitely wifey. In the s, what constituted “wife material” was pretty basic compared to how it is now. “Perfect” wives were women who stayed home to take.

Girls may come and go, but a girl who's wifey material? She's on a different level. So, how does a guy know if he's lucky enough to be dating one of these special. Wife material is easy to recognize; just ask yourself if you'd want that girl back-to- back with you to fight off sharks. And she loves you, not what. Find and save Wifey Material Memes | from Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter & More.

Chances are you clicked on this article because you are either 1) someone's girlfriend checking to see if you fit the "wifey" bill, or 2) someone's boyfriend who is. 1. "Ability to hold conversations". Men love to talk too, they value conversations with the one they love. No man wants to come home to a wife. Want him to see you as wife material so that he will propose and you can live your happily ever after? Follow these 7 strategies to showing your.