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The Nycteridae comprise a family of bats commonly called slit-faced or hollow- faced bats. They are grouped in a single genus, Nycteris. The bats are found in. The Egyptian slit-faced bat (Nycteris thebaica) is a species of slit-faced bat broadly distributed throughout Africa and the Middle East. It is a species of microbat in. Range Description: This species has a wide range, encompassing much of sub- Saharan Africa, with the exception of the Horn of Africa and parts of southern.

Scientific Name: Nycteris thebaica É. Geoffroy, English, –, Cape Long- eared Bat, Common Slit-faced Bat, Egyptian Slit-faced Bat, Geoffroy's Nycteris. Nycteris tragata - # Close-up view of head. Nycteris tragata - # Request Full Size Image. Malayan Slit-faced Bat. Close-up view of head, Nycteris thebaica is not found much outside of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. (Corbet and Hill, ; Gray, et al., ; Nowak, ; Reeder and Wilson.

Nycteris thebaicaEgyptian slit-faced bat. Facebook. Twitter. KingdomAnimalia animals. Animalia: information (1) · Animalia: pictures () · Animalia.