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chrissimpkins added vertical metrics to main gallery font directories. Latest commit a6c9 on Mar 29, added vertical metrics to main gallery font directories. Nothing to show. Find file Copy path. codeface/fonts/panic-sans/ Fetching contributors Cannot retrieve contributors at this time. Download History. Panic, Inc. which makes Coda, distributes Panic Sans.

Looks like another reason to try out the new Coda app from Panic: they provide a modified version of the Bitstream Vera Sans font, which looks. @duncan — Check out Panic Sans: font that comes with Coda, extractable from Based on Bitstream Vera, but better punct. chars. PM - 6 Nov Panic Sans is also a similar, good coding font. 04/25/coda-coding-font-panic.

Panic Sync. Sync your sites, passwords, and private keys to all of your Macs and more. It's free, easy, and extremely secure. Coda, Panic Sans Font. Seems like a nice font. thomas Aylott. The website of Panic, makers of “shockingly good software”, uses Colfax, a contemporary sans-serif typeface by Process that was picked as.