Xbox 360 silverlight download

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Xbox 360 silverlight

24 Oct - 56 sec - Uploaded by TheEchoAlpha Flash does work on some things! The Xbox has potential to have it. It works for me on this video. 11 May - 36 sec - Uploaded by Long Zheng features a Silverlight video showcasing the XBOX Elite. On Xbox the browser is IE, BUT it is impossible to install the Silverlight plugin . I already tried to configure the Xbox browser to load.

Bringing Silverlight support to the Xbox is a clear indication that Microsoft is finally making the move to bring Windows Phone 7 game. Microsoft is looking for developers to work on Silverlight for the Xbox Why does that matter? Because Silverlight is the same way apps are. Microsoft, it seems, is bringing Silverlight to one of its most successful product lines: the Xbox Yes, “looking to hire motivated developers.

To use the Internet Explorer app on your Xbox console, you need: Flash, Java, Silverlight or other plug-ins that Internet Explorer on Xbox doesn't support. GQ India: The Tech Rumour of the week is that Microsoft Silverlight will be announced for the Xbox Stay tuned for more on the latest tech. WinRumors has reported on some interesting news that Microsoft may be planning to announce intentions to bring Silverlight to the Xbox Microsoft is reportedly planning to imminently add Silverlight support to the Xbox , with an announcement of the update tipped for MIX