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1: inordinate desire for wealth: avarice, greed the cupidity of the bankers. 2: strong desire: lust. Despite the primarily erotic sense of the Latin word, in English cupidity originally, and still especially, means "desire for wealth.". Definition of cupidity - greed for money or possessions.

cupidity definition: a strong feeling of wanting to have something, especially money or possessions. Learn more. Define cupidity. cupidity synonyms, cupidity pronunciation, cupidity translation, English dictionary definition of cupidity. n. Excessive desire, especially for wealth; . Remember the saying “Greed is good”? It could just as easily be “Cupidity is good,” though admittedly it doesn't roll off the tongue quite the same way. Cupidity.

Cupidity definition: Cupidity is a greedy desire for money and possessions. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Although she promised she would never do it again, the latest victims of her cupidity we recently seen hitting each other with chairs on an episode of Jerry.