Augmented reality bmw z4 download

Augmented reality bmw z4

Augmented Reality BMW Z4 from Engage Production on Vimeo. Pretty awesome augmented reality promotion for the BMW Z4 generated by. Immerse yourself in the visionary world of BMW and be fascinated by impressive virtual and augmented reality technology. Check out the new BMW Z4 Augmented Reality Campaign from the new BMZ z4 campaign. Watch the video or view the Z4 Augmented Reality.

LONDON - BMW and Dare have come up with one of the first blueprints of how By turning to augmented reality (AR) to promote the latest Z4. 28 Feb Augmented reality is all very well on paper but, if you really want to know Probably our favourite of the lot is the AR campaign for the BMW Z4. Aeonsparx Interactive - BMW Z4 Augmented Reality for magazine cover - YouTube.