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Rattlers 1976

Directed by John McCauley. With Sam Chew Jr., Elisabeth Chauvet, Dan Priest, Ronald Gold. A herpetologist investigating a series of fatal rattlesnake attacks. Rattlers is a horror film starring Sam Chew, Elisabeth Chauvet, Tony Ballen, Dan Priest, Ron Gold, Darwin Joston, and Gary Van Ormand. The film was. A herd of chemically altered rattlesnakes become fearsome killers in this made- for-TV chiller. The tale is set in the Mojave Desert and centers.

As the title and the DVD cover art would suggest, Rattlers is about rattlesnakes on the rampage. Myself I'm not too scared of snakes, though I know people who. Not surprising: the time slot was a.m. I think you can guess how enthralled I was by a movie named Rattlers. This was one of many. projectspeak2tweet.com: Rattlers (): Jerry Golding: Movies & TV.

Release date, United States Apr 23, United States Apr 23, Country, US. Language, English. Runtime, 82 min. Rated, PG. Technical details,